Marketing and advertising, whether through new media or more traditional avenues, can be an expensive game of trial and error, but at AWD we can help you avoid the pit falls.

Search Engine Optimisation

As of February 2012, and achieve a massive combined total of  87.24% of the search engine market share, with Yahoo 3.45%,  Ask 2.8% whilst Microsoft’s Bing receives just 3.78% of the search market.

UK search engine usage

So making the most of your websites content in direct relation to Google protocols and rules can’t be underestimated. That’s why all our websites are search engine optimised (SEO‘d) to list on Google,  as standard, no additional fees or hidden costs.

** We guarantee your website will be listed on Google in an agreed time scale, or your money back. **

As a by-product, similar results are usually achieved on the other major UK search engines including Yahoo and Ask.

We  also offer more tailored SEO packages where required, for first page of Google keyword and key phrase focused campaigns, please ask for further details.

Print Advertising

Print advertising can still be a hugely powerful medium for getting your message across, even in age of Guerrilla marketing and New Media.

As with all types of advertising and marketing, a print advertisement can only be effective if the right people see it.

Smarter Leaflets

We will help you develop an eye catching and memorable campaign which can include everything from posters to magazine ads, Yellow Pages designs to leaflets, and make sure its placed in the correct location for maximum exposure.

Web Marketing

We offer a selection of online marketing options from Google Adwords (Google paid advertising) to affiliate banner advertising.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click service. Most importantly, AdWords enables you to track the success of your ads allowing you to calculate the return on investment of the ads, against business sales.

So monitoring Adword key statistics can enable you to know if your account, and therefore the investment, is working for your business and whether you need to refine your advertising campaigns for better performance.

One size doesn’t fit all, so having the right advice and experience can save you a whole lot of wasted time and dough.

New Media

With the incredible growth of the Internet has come many new advertising opportunities, some more affordable and imaginative than the more traditional forms.

Our focus is to make our clients visible and recognisable, for the right reasons, so we do not advocate the use of spam emails or pop-ups, if that’s what you require we are not the agency for you I’m afraid.

If however you want to develop a winning blog, social media campaign, get your voice out there by podcast or ‘go viral’ with a YouTube video, why not see what we can offer.

If you would like to discuss your advertising ideas please get in touch.

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