We strongly believe that selling digitally, through one of the excellent purpose built platforms, can be as important and powerful as the more traditional bricks and mortar high street or shopping mall retail approach. Overheads are significantly lower, you can reach 80% of the world through well crafted SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and the use of influencers etc.

At Acknowledged Web Design we have used many off the shelf options, over the past 15 years, which we then fully customize to the clients needs. Our applications of choice are Shopify and the WordPress Plugin Woo Commerce, both powerful and secure platform that integrate excellently with 1000’s of additional useful tools and applications.


This is an excellent, market leading, stand alone eCommerce platform we choose to use, in most cases, for clients requiring predominantly an online selling web site. Shopify is excellent at helping you present and sell your products and services, offering scalability, security and accountability. The only real weakness with Shopify is that its focus is solely on eCommerce, therefore the elements like blogs, bookings systems, animation etc are limited.

Woo Commerce

This is an ever improving eCommerce plugin for the most popular website site platform in the world WordPress. The combination of both applications means that we can effectively craft websites both have the ability to showcase services, present information and content in an interesting interactive way, both also include a versatile means for you to also sell your products.


Our approach is different to most agencies and web design companys.

We will charge you for our time and expertise only, but not resell and inflate the services, platforms, and assets we use. In this way you will own the end result, pay any monthly fees directly to the service provider we have used, for instance Shopify, and we will advise you every step of the way on the best, scaleable, cost effective options that are right for you, your business and best suit your specific project requirements.

Rough idea of cost for a Shopify website:

Guaranteed Google and Yahoo listing and – £150 (paid annually to AWD)

Basic Shopify  web hosting – £22 + 2.9% of sales monthly (paid through your account with Shopify)

Shopify standard plan – £60 +1% on sales (paid through your account with Shopify)

There is also a Pro plan @ £225 + 0.5% sales (paid through your account with Shopify)

Shopify theme / template – these range from £50-£150 dependent on complexity

Site build for upto 25 products – approx. – £625 (one of fee to AWD)

Site build for upto 50 products – approx. – £1000 (one of fee to AWD)

Site build for upto 100 products – approx. – £1500 (one of fee to AWD)

Site build for upto 200 products – approx. – £1999 (one of fee to AWD)

Every project and website is unique, but hopefully this give you a good idea of our transparent pricing structure, and the level of investment required.

Recent Shopify examples