Google Phone CES 2010

Google’s new Nexus One mobile phone may or may not prove to be that elusive “next iPhone”, but the timing of the expected announcement, on January 5, is undoubtedly significant.

Just 24 hours later, Steve Ballmer, the energetic CEO of Microsoft, will take to the stage in Las Vegas to deliver a keynote address to the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (known as CES), the world’s biggest trade show of its type, which runs for four days from January 7.

Mr Ballmer’s speech is likely to expand on comments he made in an interview with The Times last year. What lies ahead, he said, “are going to be fun, fun years! This is going to be the best three years for users in their home – of all time.”

At the heart of this belief is digital convergence, the idea that as fields such as television, computing, music, video, telephony, video gaming and photography adopt and mature their own digital formats, so we will need fewer and fewer devices to store and play content.

It’s a trend that we have already seen in portable devices, as the separate MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile telephones of the mid-noughties have merged to become the smartphones of today.

Story from ‘The times online’ thought you would like to hear.

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