Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the Right Domain Name

The art of choosing the ‘right’ domain name for your website, is just that, an art. Do you cram in keywords? Should it be just my company name?  How long should it be? .uk or .com, there’s so much to consider.

Here are our top ten tips, for choosing the right Domain, for YOUR business.

1. First things first, try not to make it too long. 20 characters or less is ideal.

If for instance you went for, hopefully straight away you can see that, though using great keywords, at the very least visually you are going to have problems. Say your email is, fitting the Domain name and email address on business cards, spelling it on the telephone, finding an area of your web page to fit it in and simply expecting people to remember it, isn’t practical. would be the longest word combination normally acceptable.

2. Write down all the relevant words .i.e company name, location, product and play around until you find something that works and of course is available.

3. Yes be imaginative but keep it simple. Frankly domain names like are extremely unlikely to still be available, so simply or  maybe the simplest choice.

4. Consider localising your Domain name. If you want people to find you on Google with specific location keyword searches then will simply not do. maybe ideal however in reality people are searching, window cleaning services in Dartford, then why not include the location in the name. So for SEO purposes something like would be ideal.

5. Sign up for Google Adwords and use their ‘keyword traffic estimator’ to get a clear idea what keywords are most popular and relevant to your specific business. An invaluable tool.

6. If you find that your ‘perfect’ Domain name isn’t available, it might be still possible to purchase it. Using you can find who owns the Domain name, and when it’s up for renewal. The name may have been registered 5 years ago for instance but the business folded and once expired will be available. Also use the contact details on the website attached to that Domain, to sound out the owners, you never know they may be willing to sell at the right price.

7. Our, tip as far as extension would be to choose your main countries extension for your ‘primary’ Domain name i.e. .uk or if you are primarily based in the UK. If you go for the company name exactly then you should certainly buy the .com version aswell, if only so no one else does in the future.

8. It would be nice, if you intend to go the social media route aswell, to tie the names in together.
So check if your preferred Domain name is available as a Twitter extension i.e. /osbornewindows etc.

9. If you can buy your company name, then of course do so. You can always have more than one Domain name pointing to a website and if Google results are not a priority to you will always look better and be more memorable than It depends on the purpose and route for which you want people to find your site.

10. And finally choosing your registrar. Just because is the biggest in the UK, this doesn’t necessarily give you the best price, options or service. Shop around. We use and have always had a good experience and find the pricing competitive, there are many others provider out there, take your time and choose wisely.

Hope that’s been helpful.

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